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Brand Simbacart

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  • First aid assistance: Oxy Cans are portable oxygen that helps in breathlessness during sudden shock, jerk , suffocation and choking. Oxy can is also ideal for use as a first aid for treating hypoxia, hypoxemia, emphysema, cluster headaches. It will prove to be a life saving tool during a fatal accident, drowning, cardiovascular arrests etc. Hence it makes a permanent part of your first aid box.

  • Convenient & Light weight

  • Portable & Easy to use

  • Replenish your blood Oxygen level back to normal.

  • Emergency respirator support

  • Gas content 12 lit.

  • Gym and exercise tonic : Our body responds to gymming, cycling, aerobics and other exercises by producing lactic acid. During exercise our body requires more quick energy hence more oxygen which if not provided our body produces lactic acid and this causes pain and fatigue in our body. Oxy can gives pure oxygen puffs enhances sports performance, quickly restores the energy after exercise, cycling and aerobics and also relieves the pain

  • Push the pollution: Normally air contains 21% of oxygen in it but the air we breathe generally has lower concentration of oxygen because of pollution. Poor concentration of oxygen outdoors as well indoors due to pollution, poor ventilation and SPM leads to lower level of oxygen in breathing hence in the body which ultimately cause lower levels of energy and various respiratory diseases.

  • Brain-vita: Because the brain uses about 25 percent of your oxygen intake, supplying it with enough oxygen is essential. If the proper concentration of oxygen is not provided to the brain it responds to symptoms like decline in memory retention, poor judgement, decline in cognition, uncoordinated movements etc.