Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

List of commonly asked questions and their answers.

1. Order Confirmation Information:

As soon as customer gives order firstly simbacart will confirm the receipt of order and immediately start processing the order for timely delivery of the shopped product. To confirm the same from the customer; we calls on the mobile phone no. provided by the customer and also forward mail on email address provided by customer. After telephonically confirming the order from the customer we proceed further for timely hassle-free speedy delivery.

2. No Hidden charges:

Simbacart’s motto is work with meticulous and pragmatic approach. The prices of products displayed on our website are with all-inclusive. Customer has to pay the exact amount as mentioned with the product on the website. No hidden charges like delivery charges or transportation charges will be charged from the customer later on at any stage. Our services will never astonish any customer with hidden charges at any stage.

3. Cash on delivery facility:

Many-a-times new customers feel themselves as cliff-hanger and they are not that comfortable to pay online. We value our customers and respect their decision. For such first time customers or even for regular customers we are offering Cash-on-delivery (C-O-D) payment facility. Any customer for any product irrespective of its price can avail this payment facility. Customer has to release the payment for the shopped product, when the product will be delivered at the doorstep of customer by delivery boy/girl. As we are bound with our policies hence foreign currency or payment through cheque is not accepted in any condition whatsoever it may be.

4. Payment through Credit card, Debit card or Internet banking:

Apart from Cash-on-delivery (COD) facility Simbacart is offering Credit card, debit card or Internet Banking facility too for online shoppers. Customers are free to choose any mode of payment while shopping on our website. After selecting the product customer can transfer the amount directly in our account using the Credit card, debit card or internet banking facility. We assure you that we have adopted all possible means to make such transactions safe and convenient for customers. For customer’s convenience and speedy transactions we are associated with nearly all public sector or private sector banks of India. Any customer can avail any of the above mentioned facilities for transactions while shopping on our website.

5. Product delivery time:

As soon as customer confirms his/her order and complete other formalities we immediately commence delivery process. On an average the delivery process to customer’s doorstep irrespective of product selected may take 5-7 working/business days in any part of India. Apart from regular delivery service we are offering express delivery service to our customer’s too. By availing express delivery service customer can get his/her shopped product within 2-3 working/business days. Customer is free to choose either of these two delivery services.

6. Consignment tracking facility:

Simbacart provides a unique tracking no. to customer after completion of shopping process. By using this tracking no. customer can check the latest status of product delivery process. We too keep on updating our customers about the latest status of product via messages on the mobile phone no. provided by the customer.

7. Weight and volume affect on product delivery process:

Simbacart delivers products to customers irrespective of weight and volume of consignment. We never charge etc. for any uncommon heavy or voluminous consignment.

8. Personal account:

Personal account on simbacart may prove beneficial and help you to manage your shopping in a better and efficient way. Additionally personal account will help to control over transactions on our website. One can edit, change or manage personal data like mailing address, mobile phone number, e-mail or any other e-address. Also, customer is free to change the password of personal account any number of time he/he wishes. Moreover, personal account on simbacart will assist in tracking orders. Customer will regularly get latest news and updates about latest trends, new products and other miscellaneous information about simbacart on his/her account.

9. Personal account benefits:

Any customer can shop on simbacart as per his/her convenience i.e. just by providing basic information like mailing address, email and mobile no. But, few benefits are associated with personal account and customers can have a hunky-dory experience on simbacart by availing the personal account service. Customers will get information about latest trends, designs, hot selling products and new products through this personal account service. Customer can also rate various products; write reviews about products, services or website etc. through personal account facility.

10. Return policy:

Simbacart selects all its products after earnest quality check and we take utmost care before delivering the selected product. We value our customer’s hard earned money. But still if any customer wish to return the shopped product than we have customer friendly and open return policy. To return the shopped product customer has to contact at toll free no. provided on the website within 24 hours of receiving the product. After confirmation for return our representative will collect the faulty or incorrect delivered product from customer’s doorstep within next 3-5 working/business days. In case of any faulty or incorrect product delivery on our part we will bear the logistic charges. But after receiving the product, if the customer is not satisfied with his/her choice of product because of colour, size or any other reason customer has to bear the logistic charges. We will transfer the amount spent by customer in his/her respective bank account after deducting logistic charges, if applicable. We will return the amount spent only through bank account transfer method irrespective of the mode of payment i.e. cash-on-delivery, internet banking, credit card or debit card. To avail the facility customer has to take care that the product delivered should remain unused. We will issue the discount coupon for the same too as per the customer discretion. Though we respect our customer’s decision but still any damage, tampering or sign of used product may force us to halt the process. Only our discretion should be binding in the end whatever may be the case.

11. Exchange policy:

Simbacart boast of vast product range available on our website. Before displaying them for the online shopping we pay meticulous attention towards each detail. But, if still after procurement customer feels to exchange the same than we also have an open and customer friendly exchange policy. The process to exchange the product is pretty simple. For this customer has to contact at toll free no. provided on the website within 24 hours of receiving the products. After confirmation our representative will collect the same from customer’s doorstep and deliver the new selected product. For the exchange of shopped product customer has to bear the cost of logistics. Additionally, customer should take care that during this exchange time period product should remain unused by the customer. Customer should note that the price of new product in exchange of old product should be same or less than the previous order. In case of less price of new order than the previous order we will issue discount coupon of same value to the customer. Customer can use this discount coupon later on at any stage to avail the discount while shopping any product on our website. Also, delivered discount coupon will be valid for one year only from the date of issuance irrespective of any condition. In case reverse shipment cannot be arranged by us due to unavailability of our logistics partners then customer has to make his/her own courier service arrangement to deliver the shopped product at our office.

12. Privacy Policy:

Simbacart has a very secure and trustworthy privacy policy for its esteem customers. We do care of customers personal details and never circulate or share data like name, mailing address, phone no., e-mail ID’s or any other details about our customers with any other organisation in any situation. We take utmost care to keep such data about customers in secure hands of our employees.

Simbacart always work with incisive swashbuckling honest approach to reach our customers hearts. We are and we proud of being a syndicate of merchants having a prime motto of altruism.