About Us

Who we are and the philosophy behind Simbacart.

Simbacart is an online shopping portal for Fashion products based out of Village – Tangra in Punjab (India). We sell our products under brand name “Simba”. We are true destination for stylish wardrobes. We are offering fashion products of high quality, where most of them are handcrafted with love. We are relentlessly focused on making our customers feel comfortable and fashionable with our exclusive range of fashion products. Our fashion collection is exclusively for those who crave luxury, style and ultra-comfort.


We source products from:

✔ Families who make shoe, apparels and accessories at home.
✔ Mediators who source from families who make handcrafted products.
✔ We source raw material in bulk, and open opportunities for rural people who lack funds.
✔ We are all focused on increasing income of the skilled people in rural, hence achieving our goal of more smiles each day!


We sell both online direct customers and to the offline retailers.

✔ We are different as we give personalised effect to selling online. We take orders on WhatsApp and toll free and place orders on behalf of customers.
✔ We have regular sales channels too – such as taking orders directly on website, chat facility, toll free numbers, order through email and customer can buy directly by visiting our warehouse.
✔ We work on "wow factor" with our initiatives rather than "Delighting the customer". We bring regular improvements in packaging and product quality by working closely with the shoe-makers. When our customers receive our shoe, we want to bring smiles to them too in sync with our objective - More Smiles Each Day!


How we hire?

✔ We select students or youth from rural. We train them and then hire them for Simbacart. We run our company both as training and employment centre under the name of SEATC (Simbacart employment and training centre).
✔ We work on giving respectable jobs to people in rural, hence making them feel good and bring them smiles in sync with our objective more smiles each day!

Giving back to society

✔ All call it CSR for Simbacart it is "More Smiles Each Day". We conduct regular social campaigns such as shoe donations, food donations, notebooks and pens donations, health check-ups and activities with special children.
✔ Simbacart runs nearly 15 campaigns every month. We believe Hunger is not because of the scarcity of food, it is because of scarcity of initiatives. In Simbacart, we are all passionate to spread more smiles each day.
✔ We are all focused on increasing our social campaigns from 15 to 30 each month from next quarter. We continuously work on innovative ideas to give back to the society and work on very basics and touch more lives.

Our Communication

✔ More Smiles Each Day – The Simbacart way!
✔ Footprints of kindness!
✔ With each purchase our customers do, we commit to spread more smiles.
✔ We are “The Blessed Brand”.
✔ When you are buying shoe at Simbacart, we are spreading smiles at the other part of world.
✔ Simbacart is all about being kind – being humble.

Check more at : www.youtube.com/simbacart

Happy shopping!

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu (CEO)